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CFR Film Table Commander

Create and Edit Polaroid ProPalette 7000 and 8000 series film tables...
CFR Film Table Commander
CFR Film Table Commander benefit
Create new film tables for any film
CFR Film Table Commander benefit
Adjust existing film tables for perfect color
CFR Film Table Commander benefit
Works with all film formats, B&W and color
CFR Film Table Commander benefit
Works with Polaroid Propalette 7000, 8000 series CFR's
CFR Film Table Commander benefit
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Product Description

Create / Edit Polaroid ProPalette 7000 and 8000 series film tables

CFR Film Table Commander is a graphical, interactive software utility which allows you to view, edit and create Polaroid Color Film Recorder Film Tables (ProPalette 7000 and 8000 series). This gives you full command over the color output of your Film Recorder. CFR Film Table Commander includes a simple, step by step wizard for creating new film tables. It lets you view film table curves, and includes powerful tools for editing them. It even comes with a set of calibration images that you can use to help balance the color output of your printer. CFR Film Table Commander can be used for any type of film (black & white or color, slide or negative film, or even instant film), and supports all film formats (35mm, 120, 4x5).

Operating Systems Supported: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Server 2012, Vista, XP, Server 2008, Server 2003

Demonstrations / Screen shots

Screen shots

  • CFR Film Table Commander main window - This shows what CFR Film Table Commander software looks like. It lets you easily edit your film tables (or make new ones) so that the color output of your CFR can be just right.


For support, see the CFR Film Table Commander help file, and the Frequently Asked Questions listed below here...

Frequently Asked Questions

Version Info

V1.26 (latest version)

  • Usage - Is now free to use. Purchase is not required.


  • Compatibility - Updated to be compatible with all desktop versions of Windows
  • Other Minor Improvements - Other minor improvements were impelemented to make the program run more efficiently.
  • Operating Systems Supported - Windows 10, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2016-2000 (Mac not supported)
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